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May 1, 2021
The Orange Fellowship is a unique fellows program for leaders and opportunity seekers who value personal and professional growth.

Responsible Leadership, Innovation Investment, Connected Business Ecosystem – This is OC

February 13, 2021
Dr. Doug Wilson - Chairman of the CEO Leadership Alliance, Orange County, California - spoke on purposeful and responsible leadership combined with innovation (RLI) and what that means for an organization in 2021. The development of an AI workculture in Orange County is a notable example of purposeful-driven leadership that drives impact within a community. AI Innovators such as Anduril Industries (defense) and City of Hope (health care) play an important part in the OC ecosystem, and with the recent launch of Southern California Master Fund (SCMF), investors now have access to impact investors to curate and connect partners to emerging, new, and disruptive start-ups in this AI space.

A CEO Master Fund to Fuel Orange County Tech Growth

January 30, 2021
The SC Master Fund invests in promising local venture capital funds that will in turn invest in early-stage high-potential innovation companies based in and around Orange County. Research by the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County (CLA-OC) has identified that a root cause of many of OC’s social problems is a lack of good jobs that enable workers to afford to live and work here. Building a top-tier innovation region can help resolve this. When it comes to talent, our region is the largest producer of STEM Ph.D.s and second in STEM undergraduates in the U.S., but the majority leave to take jobs in Silicon Valley or other tech hubs. At the same time, the lack of deep talent pools is a barrier for many OC companies to grow here. To build a successful innovation hub, business leaders need to provide good jobs that keep talent in OC, and significantly increase local innovation capital.