University of California, Irvine

With 37,629 students enrolled across 88 bachelor, 82 master, and 50 doctoral programs, UC Irvine is set on 1,475 acres in Irvine, CA and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Corporate Partnerships and Programs

Tap into local talent and engage the workforce of the future.

Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning

The Office is responsible for adding another layer to the undergraduate experience, one that encourages campus and community partnerships that can foster students’ success after graduation.

Companies interact with students through four main programs:

  • Campuswide Honors CollegiumCohort represents the top 5% of undergraduates
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities – Over 1200 students annually participate in research across the arts, humanities, social studies, technology, and sciences
  • ANTrepreneur CenterEncourages out-of-the-box thinking
  • Student Success InitiativesConnects students with the resources and support necessary to thrive

Examples of involvement are listed below along with an estimated time commitment.


  • 60-90 minutes: Tech/Industry Talk, Classroom Guest Lecture
  • 90 minutes to 2 hours: Networking Event
  • 90 minutes to 2 hours: Office Hoursopen time for students to ask questions or discuss career trajectories, business etiquette, etc.


  • 20 minutes per student: Online review and feedback of a recorded mock interview
  • 20-40 hours over 1-2 weeks: Micro-internship/externship

Contact Michelle Aviles Foley to develop the best plan for your needs.

Division of Career Pathways


Fill out the form and let the UCI Division of Career Pathways (DCP) know how they can connect you to the UCI community, such as through assisting with recruitment efforts, classroom outreach, and other engagement events.


The Job Shadow Program is an unpaid student experience during spring break—hosts simply provide time and insight. Organizations can host for multiple days and employees from different functions can participate. This is a great opportunity to connect with UCI students, spread branding and awareness of your organization and introduce students to your industry and job function.

If you are interested in being a host for the Annual Job Shadow Program, please email [email protected] and we will send you an invite as the program date approaches.

Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

ICS is among the Top 30 best computer science programs in the world and also among the most diverse computing programs in the nation — with nearly 30% female students and 50% who are first-generation college graduates or members of underrepresented minority groups.

The majority of students, particularly in the Masters professional programs where an internship is often required, participate in an internship program. At the undergraduate level, many students utilize the capstone student design program as a platform for an internship, giving employers a 10- to 20- week project cycle to vet candidates.


  • Internships, especially through the 10- to 20- week capstone projects that take place throughout the year.
  • Co-Ops: ICS is glad to partner on company-identified research project collaborations with graduate students and/or faculty based locally or at a company location.
  • Student Projects/Capstone with Employers: ICS capstone programs span eight different courses and programs, ranging from undergraduate data science to a master’s in software engineering. ICS will gladly customize projects and student groups according to your company’s specific project need(s). In many cases, capstone sponsor employers hire students as they’ve been able to observe their project management, problem-solving, and team collaboration skills over the project period. Working with a student team on a company project deliverable is often more valuable to an employer than a brief introduction at a recruitment fair or an hour interview.
  • In-Class Panel Discussions and Presentations
  • Networking Mixers
  • Career Fairs
  • Skill-Building Workshops
  • ICS Dean’s Leadership Council: Participate on an advisory board of executive-level leaders who help advance ICS research, teaching and public service goals by strengthening the school’s ties to industry and the community.
  • CODE (Career Opportunities, Development and Events): CODE is the official recruiting system for Master’s students (MCS, MSWE, and MDS) at UCI’s Donald Bren School of ICS. You can use CODE to:
    • Post, track and store job postings
    • Access and download resumes
    • Request recruiting and info session dates
    • Monitor student sign-ups for your events
    • Maintain company contact information
    • Keep an ongoing history of your recruiting activities

Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Founded in 1965, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering educates more than 4,600 students (3,728 undergraduates and 961 graduates) with an integrative approach that blends fundamentals, research and hands-on experience. The school’s aim is to unleash innovation, create opportunities and inspire ingenuity. The school includes six academic departments: biomedical engineering; chemical and biomolecular engineering; civil and environmental engineering; electrical engineering and computer science; materials science and engineering; and mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Over the last 5 years, the Samueli School has made significant investments into increasing its student diversity. In particular, this commitment has led to a 39% increase in the number of women and a 29% increase in the number of underrepresented minorities among its student body.


  • Internships and Full-time Recruiting
  • Senior Design/Capstone Projects: Groundbreaking research is a key component of the Samueli School’s mission, one the school is committed to advancing through collaboration with industry experts. Undergraduate and graduate projects generally start in the fall quarters and last between 6-9 months. Depending on department and length of project, company investment ranges from $5k-15k. The deadline to apply for a sponsored project is a week before Week 1 of each quarter.
  • Corporate Partners Program: Opportunity for strategic collaboration with the Samueli School of Engineering through projects, initiatives, and other student-centric engagements. For our industry partners, the program builds brand recognition and facilitates interactions with students, faculty and staff. You will be able to form productive networking relationships to meet your recruitment needs. Moreover, companies become key, highly visible collaborators in advancing the school’s mission of developing the next generation of leaders and engineers. Corporate Partnerships range from $10,000-$50,000 depending on partnership level.
  • Faculty Research Collaborations
  • In-Class Presentations
  • Networking Mixers

Contact Keith Yeung at 949-824-3886, Associate Director of Corporate Relations, for more details.

School of Humanities

The UCI School of Humanities is where future leaders, communicators, scholars, CEOs, storytellers, creatives, directors, writers, and entrepreneurs come to get their start.

In the humanities, we study human culture and accomplishments throughout time and across the world. A humanities education imparts deep knowledge of history, languages, literature, philosophy, media and the visual arts, and an understanding of the contributions of influential thinkers, writers and artists. At UCI, the humanistic perspective doesn’t end with the disciplines under the umbrella of our school; we apply humanistic perspectives to illuminate the human dimensions of all disciplines, including technology, science and medicine.


For over 20 years, Humanities Out There has promoted service learning and public engagement at UCI.

Humanities Out There (H.O.T.) supports community-focused projects through its partnerships with local arts and cultural institutions. In building bridges to local and regional publics, H.O.T. seeks to cultivate new relationships and create new conversations between academic and non-academic institutions while also fostering the intellectual, professional, and civic growth of its student participants  through undergraduate and graduate programs.

The H.O.T. Practicum gives undergraduate students the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience through a remote internship with UCI campus partners. Led by a Humanities Out There Teaching Fellow, students enrolled in Humanities 195 work collaboratively to make a significant impact to take the humanities “out there” while still being safer at home.

The Public Fellows Program provides PhD students in the Humanities with the opportunity to contribute to program development, research, and communications at local arts and cultural institutions, including the Los Angeles Review of Books, OC Parks, and the Laguna Art Museum. Public Fellows make meaningful contributions to partner organizations while exploring new career pathways outside of academia.

For more information about Humanities Out There, contact Amanda Jeanne Swain, Humanities Commons Executive Director, at [email protected] or 949-824-1948.


U.S. News & World Report

Public University in the United States

Top 5

U.S. Universities

Number of Undergraduate Applications Received for 2020-21


UC system

Most Applied to Campus

Schools and Degrees

U: Undergraduate degree offered | G: Graduate degree offered

Paul Merage School of Business

Degree Programs

Business Administration U
Business Information Management U
Finance G
Innovation and Entrepreneurship G
Management G
Professional Accountancy G
Business Analytics G
Biotechnology Management G
Engineering Management G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

The Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Degree Programs

Aerospace Engineering U
Biomedical Engineering U G
Biomedical Engineering: Premedical U
Chemical Engineering U
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering G
Civil Engineering U
Civil and Environmental Engineering G
Computer Engineering U
Computer Science and Engineering U
Electrical Engineering U
Electrical and Computer Engineering G
Embedded & Cyber-Physical Systems G
Engineering G
Engineering Management G
Engineering (concentration in Materials and Manufacturing Technology) G
Materials Science Engineering U G
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering G
Mechanical Engineering U
Networked Systems G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Degree Programs

Business Information Management U
Computer Game Science U
Computer Science U G
Computer Science and Engineering U
Data Science U
Informatics U
Networked Systems G
Software Engineering U

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Biological Sciences

Degree Programs

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology U
Biological Sciences U
Biology/Education U
Biotechnology G
Biotechnology Management G
Cellular & Molecular Biosciences Gateway G
Cellular Molecular BioSciences G
Conservation and Restoration Science G
Developmental and Cell Biology U
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology U G
Exercise Science U
Genetics U
Interdepartmental Neuroscience Gateway G
Human Biology U
Mathematical, Computational, and System Biology G
Microbiology and Immunology U
Neurobiology U

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Medicine

Degree Programs

Anatomy & Neurobiology G
Biological Chemistry G
Biomedical & Translational Science G
Environemental Toxicology G
Epidemiology G
Medicine G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing

Degree Programs

Nursing Science G
Master's Entry Program in Nursing G
Doctor of Nursing Practice G
Doctor of Nursing with Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Degree Programs

Pharmaceutical Sciences U
Pharmacological Sciences G
Pharmacology G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Physical Sciences

Degree Programs

Applied Physics U
Chemistry U G
Earth System Science U G
Environmental Science and Poilcy U
Mathematics U G
Physics U G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

Program in Public Health

Degree Programs

Environmental Health Sciences G
Master of Public Health G
Public Health G
Public Health Sciences U
Public health Policy G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Law

Degree Programs

J.D. Program G
LL.M Program G
Graduate Tax Program G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Social Ecology

Degree Programs

Criminology, Law, and Society U G
Environmental Science and Poilcy U
Legal and Forensic Psychology G
Psychology and Social Behavior U G
Psychological Science G
Public Policy G
Social Ecology U G
Urban Studies U
Urban and Regional Planning G
Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Social Sciences

Degree Programs

Anthropology U G
Business Economics U
Chicano/Latino Studies U
Cognitive Sciences U G
Demographic and Social Analysis G
Economics U G
International Studies U G
Language Science U G
Logic & Philosophy of Science G
Mathematical Behavioral Sciences G
Medicine, Science, and Tech Studies G
Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics G
Political Science U G
Psychology U
Public Policy G
Quantitative Economics U
Social Policy and Public Service U
Sociology U G
Statistics/Psychology G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Humanities

Degree Programs

African American Studies U
Asian American Studies U G
Art History U G
Classics U G
Comparative Literature U G
Culture and Theory G
East Asian Cultures U
English U G
European Studies U
European Thought and Culture G
Film and Media Studies U
French U
Gender and Sexuality Studies U
German G
German Studies U
Global Cultures U
Global Middle East Studies U
History U G
Japanese Language and Literature U
Korean Literature and Culture U
Literary Journalism U
Philosophy U G
Religious Studies U
Spanish U G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

School of Education

Degree Programs

Education G
Master of Arts in Teaching + Teacher Credential G
Education Sciences U

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Art U G
Dance U G
Drama U G
Drama and Theatre G
Music U G
Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology G

For more information on the curriculum requirements,

Students come from







are first generation


of students

identify as Persons of Color (POC)

Contact UC, Irvine

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(949) 824-9831

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